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UPDATED - Click here for important information about TD Snap
Click here for important information about TD Snap


Spoken is an app designed for literate teens and adults unable to use their voice due to aphasia, nonverbal autism, stroke, or other speech and language disorders. Simply download the app on a phone or tablet and tap on the screen to build sentences quickly — Spoken speaks them automatically, with a wide variety of natural-sounding voices to choose from.

Learn more about how Spoken AAC refines AAC.

Sound Like You
Spoken's app allows you to pick from a wide variety of natural-sounding voices, not robots.

Tap To Talk
Tap on the screen to build sentences quickly and Spoken speaks them automatically.

Save & Predict Speech
Our speech engine predicts the way a user talks, allowing them to fully communicate with complex emotions and extensive vocabulary. Plus, you can easily save and repeat common phrases quickly.

Live Life
We understand the challenges and isolation that can come from being unable to use your voice. Spoken was designed to empower adults with complex speaking differences to live bigger, more meaningful lives. If you’ve been diagnosed with ALS, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, or lost your ability to speak due to a stroke, Spoken may be right for you too. Download the app on a phone or tablet and tap into life every and anywhere you may go.

Alternative Input Methods
Spoken supports multiple input methods, catering to the varied needs and preferences of its users. Besides the aforementioned predictions that let users build sentences just by tapping, Spoken also accepts:

Typing: If you want, you can simply type out your messages using your keyboard. The app’s predictive text feature will assist by suggesting words and phrases as you type, speeding up the communication process.
Handwriting: Spoken also allows you to enter text by handwriting on the screen. The app can recognize handwritten words and convert them into text, providing an alternative to typing if you find it more natural or comfortable.
Drawing: Spoken understands simple drawings and will translate them into text. This is especially beneficial if you have trouble recalling words.


NDIS Eligibility

This product may meet the requirements specified by NDIS for Low Cost Assistive Technology if directed and recommended by an allied health professional. We can assist with your NDIA Managed, Plan Managed or Self Managed order. A support letter from an allied health professional is required, and this app can be purchased together with an iPad Bundle.


App Store Information

App Support

App Installation

If you are bundling the app with an iPad Bundle, by default, we will create a new Apple ID for you and set up the iPad with your app(s). This service is currently complimentary for Assistive Tech customers. (Please note: If you are buying an app only (with an existing iPad and Apple ID), we'll send you a voucher to redeem the app so you can install it yourself.)