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UPDATED - Click here for important information about TD Snap
Click here for important information about TD Snap

Your Guide to Assistive Tech and the NDIS


We're a registered NDIS Provider for Assistive Technology and can assist you with your NDIS requirements regardless of how your NDIS Plan is managed. Yes, this includes supplying Apple iPads for NDIA-Managed also known as Agency Managed participants.

Not sure what to expect when you order from Assistive Tech. We've detailed the steps that occur based on how your NDIS plan is managed below.

Self-Managed Customers

How do I order?

Simply order online and self-manage your claim from NDIS. When your order ships you'll receive a tax invoice for your goods so that you can process your claim against your NDIS Plan and be reimbursed directly by NDIA.

Can I request an invoice prior to payment so I can claim funding from NDIS before I pay you?

Yes, absolutely. Please proceed to order online and select self managed at check out, our friendly team will be in contact to provide an invoice for you to submit to NDIS.  

Please note we require full payment of your invoice before goods are dispatched.

Plan-Managed Customers

How do I order?

We know your plan manager will need an invoice for the goods so that they can arrange payment. Simply add the goods that you require to the cart and select NDIS - Plan Managed as the payment method at checkout. Our customer service team will be in touch to collect some details via an Electronic Service Agreement and prepare an invoice to be processed by your Plan Manager.


Please note we require confirmation of payment of your invoice from the plan manager before goods are dispatched. Typically plan managers take 7-10 days to remit payment to us from the date of your order.

NDIA Managed

How do I order?

For clients that are NDIA managed please add the goods your require to the cart and select NDIA managed as the payment method at checkout. Our customer service team will be in touch to arrange a service agreement so that we can process your claim against NDIA directly.

Do I need a letter of support?

At Assistive Tech we do require that an allied health professional such as your Occupational Therapist or Speech Pathologist provides what we call a "Letter of Support." This letter simply confirms that in your health professional's opinion that assistive technology would be of benefit to you.

The letter of support does not need to specify the item, model or value - our expert advisers will assist you to select a product that both meets your needs and fits within the appropriate guidelines issued to us by NDIA. 

Other Questions

Can my support coordinator help with my order?

We're happy to work with support coordinators and other support workers to prepare all of the relevant paperwork and complete the device selection processes.

Where the participant is capable of expressing their opinion we do prefer to have at least a short conversation with them to confirm their order and they understand the product that is being ordered for them.

Do I need to print and sign anything?

Our service agreements are completely electronic - there is no need to print or scan anything. Just sign electronically from your phone, tablet or computer. For participants that are unable to sign we can carry out a recorded/verbal consent process over the phone.

How long do I have to wait once my order is placed?

We carry large stock holdings of most products to avoid any delays in shipping. Other than items that are "special ordered" your order will ship on the same business day your payment is received.

This all seems too confusing - can I talk to someone?

If you have questions, or simply would prefer for us to complete the process for you just give our friendly team a call on 1300 088 222 or message us right here on the website and we'll be able to take you through the process step by step. Our team are online Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (Sydney Time).

I'm having difficulty working out if I'm eligbile

We've published detailed guides for Participants/Carers, Allied Health Professionals and Support Coordinators in our FAQ section but if you need further help or connection to supports then please let our Customer Service team know and we'll connect you with the right providers that can assist you. 


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