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UPDATED - Click here for important information about TD Snap
Click here for important information about TD Snap


Introducing a kit that makes it easier to use and navigate your Surface or devices. This kit can be used on many devices, not just Surface type covers.

Identify critical keys, match ports and cables, and open your Surface and other compatible devices.

The included keycap labels, three-dimensional stickers, port indicators and openers let you make small adjustments to improve finding, opening and using your compatible devices and accessories. (Keycap labels can fit on the keys on the Surface Go Type Cover, but will require a more precise application due to the key size.)

The 3-dimensional bump labels can be used in many environments, some examples include:

  • Placing stickers on headsets to assist with volume control
  • Placing port labels on iPad power cables and on iPads to assist with identifying the correct port or cable
  • Placing port labels on headphones next to the power button
  • Placing key caps on light switches
  • Using the opener support on any laptop

You can learn more by reading the Surface Adaptive Kit guide or the blog announcing the new kit

NDIS Eligibility

Under some circumstances, this product may meet the requirements specified by NDIS for Low Cost Assistive Technology. We can assist with your NDIA Managed, Plan Managed or Self Managed order. Not an NDIS participant? Not an issue - this product is also available for private purchase.


What's in the Box

  • Keycap labels and keycap applicator - Translucent labels with tactile indicators highlight keys for confident touch interactions, while the applicator assists with consistent key placement. Includes 1 keycap applicator and 1 set of keycap labels (12).
  • 3-dimensional bump labels - The visually and tactilely distinct labels help support quickly locating keys, ports, and more on devices and peripherals. Includes 1 set of 3-dimensional bump labels (16).
  • Port indicators - Visually distinct indicators with matching cable wrap and raised textures help to confidently locate and manipulate ports, so the right inputs can be more easily inserted into the correct locations. Includes 1 set of port indicators (5).
  • Opener support - The openers provide additional leverage and flexibility to more easily open the lid or kickstand of a Surface device. Includes 1 ring opener and 1 pull tab opener.

Tech Specs

  • Exterior: White
  • Keycap Applicator: Transparent
  • 3-Dimensional Bump Stickers: Various colours
  • Port Indicators: Various colours
  • Opener Supports: Light Grey