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UPDATED - Click here for important information about TD Snap
Click here for important information about TD Snap

AAC Apps

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Assistive Tech can assist with your assistive tech AAC app for use with your iPad, as directed and recommended by your allied health professional. You can add 1 or more apps, however the total of the apps must be at least $20.00.

If you are bundling the app with an iPad Bundle, by default, we will create a new Apple ID for you and set up the iPad with your app(s). This service is currently complimentary for Assistive Tech customers. (Please note: If you are buying an app only (with an existing iPad and Apple ID), we'll send you a voucher to redeem the app so you can install it yourself.)

If there's an app not listed, just let us know!

Not sure? Please contact us and we'd love to have a chat with you. 

NDIS Eligibility

Bundled software with iPads may meet the requirements and budget for Low Cost Assistive Technology for NDIS Participants, however requires a support letter from your allied health professional and is subject to your funding availability. Apps are best supported by your allied health professional to achieve desired outcomes. 


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