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Social Story Creator Educators App for iPad

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Title: Touch Autism


This app is the fully unlocked pro version of our "Social Stories Creator and Library" app.

To try out the app for free check out "Social Stories Creator and Library."

An amazing app for easily creating, sharing and printing educational social stories, visual schedules, and beautiful memories. The app also comes with over 20 pre-made social stories that cover a variety of social and behavioural skills.

This is a very valuable tool for any teacher, SLP, OT, direct care staff or parent!

Children with special needs often need more direct instruction of social skills. Teaching social skills to any child may be easier and less stressful when visual supports, like social stories are used. The social stories found in this app explain accurate social information and ensures that your child will know what to expect in different situations.


  • Easily create stories with pictures, recordings and text.
  • Share and receive created stories with other users.
  • Print PDFs of stories to have paper copies.
  • Stories can be made in any language.
  • Ability to purchase an entire library of over 20 pre-made social stories at one discounted price.
  • Organise stories into categories for particular skills, students or classrooms.
  • Lock students into categories or apps to limit access.
  • Create and play stories offline (with no internet connection).
  • Easy to use, intuitive format.
  • Can be used to make visual schedules or other types of visual prompts.

Social stories are an important type of visual support often used with children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome or other special need. This social stories found in this app use simple text and descriptive pictures to explain the why and how of different social skills.

Social interactions may be especially difficult for children with an autism spectrum disorder, adhd, or other social delay. Many children, especially those diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome and other special need, often fail to pick up on social cues, making learning a social skill especially difficult. Social stories may increase awareness and maintenance of social skills.

Social stories were first defined by Carol Gray in 1991 and are commonly used to break down a task or social situation into small and easy to understand steps, often accompanied by descriptive pictures. Social stories are incredibly easy to implement and are used by many professionals for a wide range of behaviors.

      NDIS Eligibility

      This product may meet the requirements specified by NDIS for Low Cost Assistive Technology if directed and recommended by an allied health professional. We can assist with your NDIA Managed, Plan Managed or Self Managed order. A support letter from an allied health professional is required, and this app can be purchased together with an iPad Bundle.


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