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Click here for important information about TD Snap
iPads and the NDIS for Support Coordinators

iPads and the NDIS for Support Coordinators

At Assistive Tech as a registered NDIS provider we can assist you with supply of iPads and other low cost assistive technologies for all your participants right across Australia regardless of whether they’re self-managed, plan managed or agency managed.

The information that the NDIS publish regarding Low Cost AT changes regularly – we updated the information below on 28 June 2022 based on additional clarity provided by the NDIS webinar series on Assistive Technology.

iPad purchases for your clients will typically fall in to two categories:

Category 1 – Connecting with Supports / Telehealth

(Item Number 15_222400911_0124_1_3)

In this category the participant should not spend more than $750 with a standard tablet not costing more than $600.

We recommend the following bundles for telehealth:

When processing orders in this category the participant will require written confirmation from their provider (often referred to as a support letter) that delivers services via telehealth. We’ve prepared a template that the provider could consider using for this purpose if they don’t already have one.

There is no need to be overly detailed in the support letter for this low cost purchase.

The NDIS Pricing Arrangements effective 1 July 2022 contain specific guidance on what cannot be funded this includes:

Larger Tablets (unless for example head tracking is required).

Devices with cellular/mobile connectivity (participants can pay the difference to upgrade to a model that has this functionality and will be responsible for the cost of a data plan as an everyday living expense)

Multiple devices (NDIS will only fund one device)

Internet and Data Costs

Accessories (except standard protective cases or disability specific cases, mounts and those related to a participant’s disability e.g. apple pencil for those with dexterity issues).

Category 2 – Low Cost Assistive Technology (Communication and Information Equipment)

(A variety of NDIS Item Codes may apply to this purchase.)

The NDIS published guidance on the evidence you need for tablets and computer based assistive technology in their Operational Guidelines on 10 February 2022.

Using Existing Funding

If a participant would like to use existing funding in their plan for the purchase of a tablet or other Low-Cost Assistive Technology then you will need written advice from an Assistive Technology Advisor – this could be an allied health practitioner, AT mentor or other qualified practitioner. If you are not working with an existing allied health professional please complete our referral form and we can connect you with a provider in your area that may be able to assist.

Requesting Additional Funding from NDIS via a Desktop Review / Change of Situation

Where a participant does not have budget or funding for the Tablet and AAC apps they require, you can request additional funding from the NDIS through the Change of Situation process.

The NDIS will need:

Completed Change of Situation Form

Draft Service Agreement with tablet and apps

Advice / Recommendation from the Speech Pathologist

Under the Participant Service Guarantee rule - your request must be considered and decided by the NDIS within 28 days.

Requesting Funding from NDIS at a Plan Review

If you're preparing for your participant's plan review and their speech pathologist has recommended a tablet and AAC apps the NDIS planner will need appropriate documentation and evidence for consideration of inclusion of the tablet and applications in the plan.

The NDIS will need:

A draft Service Agreement with tablet and apps

Advice / Recommendation from the Speech Pathologist

Frequently Asked Questions

We spend a lot of our time here providing clarity on the NDIS policies, guidance and current processes for Assistive Technology. We've included below a summary of our most regularly asked questions

1. Can I please get a quote?

At Assistive Tech we don't issue quotes. The easiest way to get the documentary evidence you need for an NDIS purchase is to create and download a draft service agreement from our EasyAs Support Coordinator Portal.

2. Person "X" told me you can't buy an iPad with NDIS funds

The NDIS will always fund reasonable and necessary supports within their guidelines. We're a specialist in this space and can confirm that both Category 1 and Category 2 above are examples of reasonable and necessary supports and meet NDIS funding guidelines and are regularly funded by NDIS.

3. Can participants order a device with mobile internet / cellular service?

The NDIS guidelines are specific on this issue. The participant must fund any difference between the lowest cost available model and the cellular model. We can assist with this process - typically a cellular model requires a participant funded contribution of approximately $200 (though this varies from model to model). Please get in touch with our customer service team on 1300 088 222 for assistance.

4. I need an invoice for a plan manager. what do I do next?

Please use the EasyAs Support Coordinator Portal to order the device your participant requires. As part of this ordering process you will be asked to supply the plan managers details. At Assistive Tech we always issue invoices directly to Plan Managers.

We're happy to send you a copy on request but please do not forward our invoices on to the plan manager as this often causes delays and rework. 

5. Why do you require a copy of the support letter / evidence of advice for agency managed orders?

As a registered NDIS provider we have a responsibility to ensure the orders we process meet NDIS eligibility requirements. We require evidence as per the NDIS guidelines to ensure we are not processing orders that don't meet NDIS critieria.

6. Why don't you ask for the support letter / evidence of advice for self-managed orders or plan-managed orders?

In these circumstances it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure they are only procuring reasonable and necessary supports. In some cases your plan manager may need to sight the evidence before remitting payment for your order.

7. How long will it take to ship once I place an order for my participant?

At Assistive Tech we're one of the only providers nationally that keeps our products in stock for immediate dispatch. Once we have confirmation of payment the goods will ship the same business day (for payments received prior to 2pm).

8. I have other questions

If you have other questions or require assistance please get in touch with our friendly team via phone on 1300 088 222.

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