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Sensory Overload, Noise Cancelling Headphones and the NDIS

Sensory Overload, Noise Cancelling Headphones and the NDIS

In an increasingly noisy world, it’s not surprising to know that 3.6 million Australians suffer from some level of hearing loss. The introduction of noise cancelling headphones – often referred to as sensory headphones – can help individuals to focus by reducing the intrusive effect of outside noise. Now, global hearing health leader Audeara is taking ‘noise cancelling’ to a whole new level, offering headphones that significantly reduce noise and, what’s more, can be tailored to the specific hearing needs of individuals.

Fully government approved as an assistive listening device under the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Hearing Services Program, and usually a reasonable and necessary support under the NDIS, Audeara sensory headphones can make a significant and immediate difference to anyone suffering from hearing loss.

Audeara noise cancelling headphones are also especially effective for those living with autism, ADHD or other noise sensitive conditions.And the key to Audeara’s advanced noise cancellation performance? Personalisation.

How does personalisation work?

Just as we all have a different level of vision in each eye, our level of hearing in each ear differs too. Personalisation happens after the careful measuring of the ‘hearing health’ of each ear to exactly measure any level of hearing loss and assess each ear’s performance.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of standard noise cancelling headphones, Audeara’s sensory headphones use a sophisticated algorithm in a purposefully designed smart phone app to check right and left ear hearing across a wide frequency range.

And it’s here where Audeara headphones really stand out. Traditional noise cancelling headphones don’t discriminate between frequencies. Just like turning up the sound when watching TV, standard noise cancelling headphones simply dial up all frequencies. However, the Audeara app tailors the headphones to an individual’s hearing profile by only increasing those frequencies that are lacking.

So, by tailoring the level of incoming sound to precisely match their hearing level in each ear, wearers receive a far better overall listening experience, at a lower overall volume. Simply put, users of Audeara noise cancelling headphones get the best of both worlds: they don’t hear unwanted noise and they enjoy the best listening experience for their specific hearing status.

Key features

To ensure optimum performance, Audeara noise cancelling headphones have been developed in collaboration with hearing clinics, audiologists and hearing professionals.

Both styles – the A-01 and the A-02 – operate using sophisticated Bluetooth wireless technology, giving wearers the freedom to move around extensively without any reduction in the quality of their listening experience.

Just some of the many key features of the Audeara sound cancelling headphones include:

  • Designed and engineered in Australia
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Hearing health-check app exactly tailors frequencies to a specific hearing profile
  • Competitively priced
  • Generous 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Quality aluminium frame construction, robustly stress-tested for maximum durability
  • Premium ear pads offer optimum comfort, even for long-term use
  • Ear pads designed to fit easily over hearing aids or cochlear implants

Assistive Tech’s customer service team can assist with ordering and general support. Audeara also offers a dedicated and free support line available to all Audeara users, even when purchased from Assistive Tech. Users have direct access to audio technicians who provide help with set up or resolve any issues.

Overcoming sensory challenges

Importantly, the superior active noise cancelling capabilities of Audeara headphones assist with emotion regulation. In other words, they improve the ability of an individual to effectively manage and respond to an emotional experience. Extensive research (which you can read about here and here) has shown that effective noise cancelling can have a profoundly positive effect on those prone to sensory overload, as well as those with autism or ADHD.

In combination with personalisation, Audeara noise cancelling headphones provide an environment free of unexpected or loud noises that can so quickly trigger sensory overload. Without distracting background noise, focus becomes easier too, allowing wearers to stay on task more easily.

The Audeara app promotes good hearing health

Even individuals with relatively normal hearing can benefit from choosing Audeara noise cancelling headphones to monitor their hearing health.

Loss of hearing can take many years to be noticed – frequently decades. Unlike a bad back for instance, hearing loss is most often not an immediately painful or noticeable problem that demands prompt attention. The beauty of Audeara noise cancelling headphones is that they allow users to recheck      and monitor their hearing performance over time, even from a very young age.

Most people only think about getting their hearing checked when there’s a problem. But with a set of Audeara noise cancelling headphones, people who might never consider visiting an audiologist for a hearing assessment can easily conduct a first check themselves before seeking further help, if required.

Keeping connected with others

Sound cancelling headphones such as Audeara’s can actively help remove barriers to social inclusion and reduce the stigma of hearing loss.

For many people, hearing loss can be extremely isolating. When it’s difficult to hear or understand, we tend to stop engaging with others because it’s too hard to follow what’s going on. Extensive  studies have also shown a clear link between hearing loss and dementia. Given those links, it simply makes good sense to pay as much attention to hearing health as it does for any other aspect of our general health. Keeping track of hearing performance by using Audeara’s hearing health check app is a positive way to start.

Everyone likes to feel included. Whether watching a favourite TV show together or enjoying an overseas video chat at Christmas, Audeara noise cancelling headphones help connect people and experiences, adding more joy into life. One of the most positive benefits of Audeara sensory headphones is their ability to offer an expanded social horizon not only to those suffering from hearing loss, autism or ADHD, but to their families as well.

It was years since Tracey and her son Sean had been able to attend any kind of social function. ‘The unpredictability of Sean’s autism made it very difficult. We did try but, in the end, realised that no one was enjoying themselves because it was just too stressful all round,’ says Tracey.
But things have been on the up since Tracey swapped Sean’s standard noise cancelling headphones for a pair from Audeara. ‘They really are life changing!’ she exclaims. ‘We recently went to a family wedding for the first time. It was so wonderful for both Sean and me to be able to participate; to feel included and be part of the whole gathering was just so special. I can’t adequately describe the relief that I felt in knowing that the Audeara headphones were making such a difference to how Sean was experiencing family life. They’ve given us the confidence to get out and about much more.’
Similarly, Audeara noise cancelling headphones have made a big impact on learning for dyslexia sufferer, Brandon. ‘I use YouTube for a lot of my education,’ he says.
Changing to Audeara headphones has helped Brandon get more out of learning. ‘At last, I can really focus and understand what I’m hearing, without any background noise distraction. That’s vital for me because I rely totally on the visuals I see and what I hear – the quality of sound is incredibly important. The better the intake of knowledge, the more I can retain.’

‘Healthy headphones’

Audeara is keen to spread the word about hearing health by promoting its noise cancelling headphones to an even greater range of users. Gamers, for example.

Long-term gamers can put their hearing at risk if they use ear buds which sit in their ears. That’s because receiving sound in this way over a sustained period of time can damage hearing more quickly as sound is channelled directly into the ear.

Even when a gamer uses a gaming headset there may still be a significant risk of hearing damage. Gaming headsets normally put style before hearing health and because sound is not personalised to a user’s specific hearing profile, gamers frequently endure very high volumes over long periods to compensate for clarity. It all takes its toll.

Begin your journey to better hearing health today

If you’d like to know more about how Audeara noise cancelling headphones can make a difference in your life whilst providing a better listening experience, get in touch with the team here at Assistive Tech – where Audeara sensory headphones are always in stock for immediate dispatch.
.Call us on 1300 088 222 or click the chat icon at the bottom right if you’re not sure where to get started.

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