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iPads are available for immediate dispatch
iPads are available for immediate dispatch

GoTalk Go

A watch-sized, nine message, wearable AAC device

    Product Features:

    • Records and stores nine messages in three levels, on three buttons
    • Includes a plastic wristband
    • Provides high-quality speaker
    • Rechargeable via USB

    Reliable, easy-to-access communication always within arm’s reach!

    The rechargeable GoTalk Go offers three programmable message buttons. Try the new easier-to-use capacitive touch buttons to activate a message. Program 1, 2, or 3 messages on each of three levels for a total capacity of nine messages!

    It looks similar to a watch with the plastic wristband, providing a convenient, wearable AAC device for on-the-go! The robust volume of this device will amaze you. Great to use for conversations in the cafeteria, at recess, on community outings, and many more places.