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A Note on Autism Week Discounts from AssistiveWare

AssistiveWare have announced they're celebrating Autism Acceptance month by offering a discount from a range of their products from April 16 to 23. You can read more about the offer at

Here at Assistive Tech, we applaud this offer from AssistiveWare and know that with limited NDIS funding sometimes this could mean the difference between accessing or not having access to the supports you need.

Unfortunately given NDIS payment timeframes average 5-15 business days we're unable to support you to purchase or acquire these applications at a discount given the discount is only available during the 8 day promotional period.

We appreciate this may cause disappointment but we can only transact your order once payment is received and this will likely occur after the discount expires.

Need more assistance? please give our customer service team on 1300 088 222.

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