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iPads are available for immediate dispatch
iPads are available for immediate dispatch

GoTalk Overlay Software

Create AAC overlays with our Imagine Symbol Library, integrated online search feature, and personal photos

    Product Features:

    • Includes templates for all Attainment AAC products 
    • Add multiple pictures and text boxes
    • Options for adjusting color, size, and font of text, and adjusting, rotating, and cropping pictures
    • Export files in PDF, JPG, or PNG format and share them with others
    • Software is also available with SymbolStix library for 12,000 more images

    Additional Information

    A built-in GoTalk Library contains over 1200 photos and illustrations plus more than 3700 symbols from the Imagine Symbols Library. It's easy to bring in your own photos to personalize overlays, plus there is an integrated online search feature that gives you instant access to millions of images.

    Overlay cells can contain multiple images and text boxes, so you're able to create personalized communication overlays with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Editing features let you adjust color, size and font of the text. You can move, enlarge, rotate and crop pictures as well. Choose from dozens of ready-made templates for all of Attainment's AAC products plus standard paper sizes. Print overlays from any inkjet or laser printer.


    • Make professional-looking overlays quickly
    • Search easily online for images (Internet connection required)
    • Add your own photos
    • Change images and text with full-featured editor
    • Place multiple images and text boxes in one cell
    • Save and print overlays
    • Export overlays as PDFs, JPGs, or PNGs

    Software requirements: Windows only, Windows 7 or higher.